National League

This number was revealed because the parliament asked for it for their discussions in regard to the À-fonds-perdu payments.

The National League and the salary structure: a difficult discussion

As the SonntagsZeitung reports, the CHF 215,000 is the average salary of the 524 people employed in the National League. This seems also relevant for the discussions surrounding the removal of the rule regarding the import player limit.

While the whole debate will likely be voted on in spring, it seems already clear that most of the teams are in favor of removing the rule. The ZSC Lions are the only ones publicly speaking out against it.

While they, too, believe that in theory, more import players would lead to a lower salary standard in the league as a whole, they have not much faith in the clubs actually spending less money on the import player if it comes down to it.

Patrick Fischer, head coach of the men's national team, is also not a fan of the concept, stating that it might endanger the prospects of the young Swiss players. He does, however, also state that the competition might lead to better performances.

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