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In an interview, the SCL Tigers' president Peter Jakob talks about the current situation and the fans' call on the league reform plans.

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"We take the feedback and the open letter from our fan clubs very seriously," Jakob explains. "However, due to the fact that a league-internal non-disclosure agreement has been established and we thus can not communicate more openly at this point in time, it is difficult or not possible for the fans to see the 'whole picture'".

Jakob adds that because of that some of the statements would be incorrect or could be misinterpreted. "However, it is important for us to still make a statement right now and to take a transparent stance as soon as the non-disclosure agreement is lifted in order to refute the concerns and to show that the SCL Tigers will neither 'let themselves be sold' nor deviate from their strategy and values."

Jakob also states that contrary to media reports, no decisions would be taken in the next few weeks. "It is about an overall package where compromises will be required with respect to the long-term development of hockey - well-considered and by all parties." He adds that the SCL Tigers aim to position themselves even more strongly as player-development club in the future and that some of the league reform topics would offer opportunities for this, even though it would be difficult for 'outsiders' to imagine it considering the current public discussion.

On another note, regarding the club's financial situation, Jakob says that up to now more than 1,200 season ticket holders have registered on the website "Hüt e Tiger - Morn e Tiger" in order to confirm that they will waive any refunds. They would have received an almost exclusively positive feedback also from the club's sponsors.

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