National League

Fan groups from all over Switzerland have issued another statement on the planned reforms in the National League.

The fans threaten to not support the NL-teams anymore.
Maurice Parrée

The fans criticize that the opinions of various stakeholders (Swiss ice hockey, the national team, the players union or the fans themselves) have not been taken into consideration before deciding to lift the limit of import-players from four to seven from the 2022-23 season.

As the new limit is part of a reform package, which is also set to include a 'Financial Fairplay' and possibly an abolition of the current options for the teams to be promoted or relegated between the leagues, the fans have expressed their opinions on these matters.

While they speak out in favor of a 'Financial Fairplay', they are against so-called closed leagues where there is no possibility for clubs to earn themselves a promotion or where they might get relegated due to their performance on the ice.

If the clubs will not respond to their demands again, the fan groups threaten to take action: they might call on fans not to buy or extend their season tickets, ask for refunds, stop to financially support the clubs and also the team in the arena - and support the junior teams instead.

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