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As CEO Marc Lüthi tells the news agency Keystone-SDA, he is expecting a loss of CHF 2-3 million - if the season ends without fans.

Marc Lüthi is more optimistic about the future.
SC Bern

Only a couple of months ago, Marc Lüthi expected a loss of up to CHF 15 million for the season due to the pandemic: "The loss of 15 million was the number before we talked to players, season ticket holders, sponsors, and business partners," Lüthi explains. He also says that they were able to save money and will receive so-called à-fonds-perdu contributions.

«Today I can say that we will survive.»
Marc Lüthi

"Today I can say that we will survive, that we will get through somehow," Lüthi states. For next season, however, SC Bern's CEO also expects a loss of CHF 2 to 3 million, as they do not calculate with an open standing area in the Postfinance Arena.

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