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The team manager of HC Fribourg-Gottéron is still not sure whether he wants a winger or a centerman to fill the last available spot on their import player contingent.

Christian Dubé
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

"I'm really hesitating... My decision will come in a month at the most," Dubé tells La Liberté and adds that the spot will - in all likeliness go to Viktor Stålberg or David Desharnais, even though he has received other applications as well.

As for the two players in question, David Desharnais hopes that he can stay: "I'm acting as if I'm going to stay in the organization next season. If that's not possible, I'm not going to go anywhere else." He stresses that stability is an important factor to him and his wife, especially in regard to their children.

Asked whether he would consider signing with a team that is located close to Fribourg, Desharnais only said that he is not sure: "I'm still loyal, I haven't played on many teams. Joining another team means starting the process all over again, where you have to prove why you played in the NHL. I'm not sure I have it in me to go through that again."

Viktor Stålberg, on the other hand, is not too optimistic that he can stay with the Dragons, but other than that, he has not thought about his future yet.

The forward, who is currently sidelined by a concussion (comeback expected next week), assumes that Dubé will choose a centerman for the last remaining spot: "At least, that is what I would do."

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