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In an interview with the Berner Zeitung, Lüthi reveals to be irritated that every consideration of the Board is taken to the outside world.

Marc Lüthi does not hold back in an interview with the Berner Zeitung.
SC Bern

As already known, discussions about the reform plans of the National League have been put on hold until the end of the playoff. This interruption is also due to the reactions of the fans as Marc Lüthi confirms: "The reactions had an impact. I hate it when internal things go out. That doesn't change the point that we need reform. The league is sick. Several clubs survive only thanks to patronage money."

«Someone is always leaking details»
Marc Lüthi

The CEO of SC Bern continues by saying that the communication strategy of the National League's board is terrible: "First because someone is always leaking details. Secondly, because we talk about a package [of reforms], but have rushed to communicate the issue of increasing the number of foreigners."

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