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While there are still many question marks for next season, team manager Martin Steinegger wants to set trust in their younger players.

Martin Steinegger first wants to analyze the season in-depth.
EHC Biel

Who will be their head coach next season? Which import-players are going to play for EHC Biel? Asked about the big questions that the Seelanders are facing for next season by the Bieler Tagblatt and the Journal du Jura, team manager Martin Steinegger always has the same short answer: "We will first analyze everything."

In some aspects, he nevertheless gives some insight in what he is planning. If defender Janis Moser is going to leave for North America, for example, EHCB will be allowed to line up five import-players. "If 'Mösu' leaves, we are going to hire two import-defensemen," Steinegger explains to the Bieler Tagblatt.

He also says that the current health situation will still force the club to be cautious next season: "We will probably start with a somewhat smaller team and want to offer our young players opportunities to play." Yanick Stampfli, for example, is going to spend the whole next season in Biel, Steinegger says.

Nevertheless, they are also going to send players to the Swiss League. Jérémie Bärtschi will play for HC La Chaux-de-Fonds next season, the Journal du Jura writes. Lilian Garessus might also be loaned to the Swiss League, HC Ajoie being their preferred team for him - if the Ajoulots will still play in the Swiss League next season.

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