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Although clearly in Switzerland's west, HC Ajoie has been placed in the eastern group by the league, which is okay for Vincent Léchenne.

Vincent Léchenne sees upsides in being in the eastern group.

HC Ajoie being placed in the same group with Davos, Zurich, Langnau, and Rapperswil has raised some questions all around the league. Less so, however, in Ajoie: "We're not going to start polemics over four games," team manager and assistant coach Vincent Léchenne says to Radio RFJ. "From a sporting point of view, to play Langnau and Rapperswil again, I think we are winners."

«From a sporting point of view (...), I think we are winners»
Vincent Léchenne

Also Willy Vögtlin, who is responsible for the league's schedules, defends the current solution: "Ajoie will play two more games at home against Davos and Zurich, and two more games away against Langnau and Rapperswil," he explains to Radio RFJ. "But Langnau is less far from Porrentruy than Fribourg, and Rapperswil is less far than Geneva!"

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