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With a video, HC Ambrì-Piotta announces the additions of Inti Pestoni, Dario Bürgler, Yanik Burren, and André Heim.

Inti Pestoni returns to HC Ambrì-Piotta

In a video with the title "let's create new emotions together", smartphones are ringing in Bern (Heim and Burren) and in Lugano (Bürgler) calling them to Ambrì-Piotta, where they meet Inti Pestoni, who is showing them around. In the end, the four of them are walking to the Nuova Valascia, their hockey bags shouldered.

"Creiamo insieme nuove emozioni"
HC Ambrì-Piotta

Whereas Inti Pestoni has signed a four-year deal with HC Ambrì-Piotta, Dario Bürgler, Yanik Burren, and André Heim have all signed contracts which are valid for the upcoming two seasons, until 2023.

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