National League

Issues like the size of the league, financial fairplay, and foreign-born players playing with a Swiss license were also topics being discussed at today's National League assembly.

National League

The National League will be consist of ten to 14 teams. Once the League will have 14 teams, the league qualification will be reintroduced and the winner of the Swiss League will have a chance to fight their way into the National League.

Also, as of the 2022-23 season, the number of import players will depend on the size of the league: with 13 teams, five import players will be allowed, with 14 teams, six. A reduction of the allowed number of import players will only be introduced a season after a team has left the National League. If players leave Switzerland for the NHL, they cannot be replaced by an additional import player.

As for foreign-born players playing with a Swiss players' license, those who already have obtained that status will not be affected by any changes. They can continue to play in the National League as if they were a Swiss player and will keep that status permanently. The same will apply to players who will start their journey in Switzerland this season.

However, as of the 2026-27 season, foreign-born players, who will play their junior years in Switzerland, will only keep their Swiss players' license until the age of 23. After that, they will be counted as import players unless they have obtained Swiss citizenship by then.

The National League also decided to introduce Financial Fairplay as of the 2021-22 season. This concept will be further developed. According to the League's statement, issues like a salary cap and possible sanctions will also be considered in that development.

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