National League

After the departure of former captain Raphael Diaz to Fribourg, the coaching staff has named the Czech forward as his successor.

Jan Kovář is EV Zug's new captain.
Monika Majer / RvS.Media

"Jan is an incredible leader," head coach Dan Tangnes says about his new captain. "With his presence on the ice, he not only has the respect of his teammates, but also of the opponents. He always gives everything and wants to win at all costs."

To support Jan Kovář in his new role, Lino Martschini and returnee Reto Suri have been designated as alternate captains. "Jan Kovář, Lino Martschini, and Reto Suri, these are three names that stand for EVZ," Tangnes says and calls them "perfect ambassadors" for the club.

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