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Because HC Ajoie currently lacks the needed depth on defense, the 35-year-old forward might help out in front of their own net.

HC Ajoie

Currently, the Ajoulots only have six defenders under contract. A fact, that worries head coach Gary Sheehan: "That's not enough to play the whole championship," he states to the Journal du Jura. "Some clubs rely on eleven defenders. I'm not asking for that many, but ideally I'd like to have eight. We're continuing to look at the possibilities that exist."

Sheehan also explains that they did not want to rush into hiring a veteran defensman who is already at the end of his career. A veteran on their own roster, however, might be a solution for now: Forward Mathias Joggi. The 35-year-old is ready to help out: "I want to help the team, so if he [Sheehan] asks me to play in defense, I'll be ready to take on that role."

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