National League

The Lions sign another of their homegrown talents to a multi-year deal. Justin Sigrist will stay in Zurich at least until 2026.

"Justin accomplished the breakthrough last season," the ZSC Lions' team manager Sven Leuenberger says. "He is a strong two-way player both as a center and as a winger and I am convinced he will continue to develop."

With only 22 years of age, Sigrist is one of the players for the future, Leuenberger states: "Together with the other 90s homegrowns, I want him to shape the new generation on the team."

Justin Sigrist made his debut with the ZSC Lions in the 2018-19 season. Since then, he has played 119 games and recorded 30 points. He also made his first steps with the national team, appearing in two games so far.

( 15 September 2021 | tme )