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With several players holding expiring contracts, Kläy gave the Luzerner Zeitung some insights about his plans for the next season.

Luca Hollenstein's dossier is very important
EV Zug

Starting from the goaltender department, Reto Kläy reveals that they would like to continue with Luca Hollenstein as the backup of Leonardo Genoni: "The system works perfectly. If it's up to us, we'd like to continue like this". Nonetheless, it has to be seen if Hollenstein would receive an offer from another club that would promote him as the starting goalie. The two parties are in active exchange at the moment, hoping to clarify the situation in the coming weeks.

As for the defense, Claudio Cadonau and Nico Gross are the two players whose contracts are expiring at the end of the season. The future of Cadonau is open. Kläy describes his consistent performance as "very good". As for Gross, he took a step forward last season and is gradually maturing into a regular player. For the next season, also players from the junior organization might be considered, as well as the case of Tobias Geisser, currently in Washington.

Finally, in the offense department, Kläy talks about the leadership qualities of Anton Lander (who has an option in his contract for an additional season) and the importance of Jérôme Bachofner as a troublemaker on the ice. Nonetheless, their future is open at this time. As for Marco Müller, who joined EV Zug this season, Kläy needs more time to reflect as "every newcomer needs a certain period of adjustment".

( 24 September 2021 | lle )