National League

Making use of his out-clause, the defenseman will reportedly switch teams coming summer.

Future Bieler: Luca Christen

Luca Christen is under contract with SC Langethal until 2023. Said contract, however, includes an out-clause for the National League. As Watson's Klaus Zaugg writes, the 23-year-old will apparently make use of the clause and join EHC Biel for two seasons coming summer.

Christen has made one game in the National League (for the SCL Tigers) so far. Other than that, the defenseman has appeared in the Swiss League 191 times, recording 19 goals and 51 assists.

According to Zaugg, SC Bern and the Tigers were also interested in signing Christen, but those two seem to have drawn the shorter straw than Biel.

( 28 September 2021 | esi )