National League

The Bianconeri and its team manager Hnat Domenichelli have been screening the market for a while, but they seem to be closer to finding a solution now.

According to Omar Meshale (RSI), HC Lugano will announce the signing of one or two import players soon. "We have already had some discussions and I think that by midweek at the earliest we will know what we will have available," Hnat Domenichelli tells La Regione.

However, the Bianconeri are not only looking at the NHL players who did not make the final roster cut, but they are also looking at other leagues, or as Domenichelli put it, they are working on "several fronts."

The team manager told the Corriere del Ticino a bit over two weeks ago that they would only make a move if they were to find a player who is willing to stay with them for the entire season.

HC Lugano had to screen the market again due to their long list of injured players. As they announced yesterday, seven of their players are currently put out of commission by their respective injuries, among them two of their import players.

( 10 October 2021 | mso )