National League

Both the team manager/assistant coach and the head coach have extended their contracts.

Ajoie's duo of Sheehan and Léchenne

Head coach Gary Sheehan will stay with HC Ajoie until 2024, as the Quotidien Jurassien (relayed by SwissHabs) reports. Included in the extension is a clause for an additional term. The 57-year-old has been with the club since 2014.

His team manager and assistant, Vincent Léchenne, will also remain with Ajoie for two more years, albeit there is a chance he might start to focus on only one of the two roles. "I enjoy being in the technical direction as much as I enjoy working with Gary in a more tactical role," Léchenne states. "We will also have to see what profiles we can find and I also would like to reflect on my side!"

( 04 December 2021 | esi )