National League

The contract of the 21-year-old defender with EHC Biel is expiring. He would like to see his future settled rather sooner than later.

Monika Majer / RvS.Media

"I'm in the middle of negotiations at the moment and I must admit that I'd like my future to be decided fairly quickly," Yanick Stampfli tells the Journal du Jura. In a few weeks time, he wants his future to be settled.

Also a contract extension with EHC Biel is not out of the question for the young defenseman. "Yes, I'm talking to EHC Biel too," he says to the same source. "I like this team, there is a good atmosphere and we work serenly."

It remains to be seen if Stampfli will get a bigger role in Biel than now. This season, he has been on the ice for only about ten minutes per game on average. That's the least of all of EHCB's defensemen.

( 18 December 2021 | tme )