National League

The schedule maker of the National League has a lot of juggling to do because of the impact Covid-19 has on NL teams.

"It's a lot more complicated than last season," Willi Vögtlin tells 24 heures. As the clubs did not have spectators in the stands last season, he did not have to factor in that part of the equation when he rescheduled a game. Now, he needs to give the teams time to then set up the logistics.

Moreover, finding a date that works for both the clubs and the TV production team has also proven to be difficult. For example, setting games during the Olympic break will not be possible.

The majority of the TV technicians will fly over to Beijing to produce the alpine skiing competition: "The first contingent will already fly out on January 17. The production trucks will be here, but the technicians we need won't be here."

It is not likely that the full 52-game season can be played, but Vögtlin hopes that at least 39 games will be in the cards: "That is 75 % of the season. I am optimistic."

( 08 January 2022 | mso )