National League

The ZSC Lions want to move into their new arena way ahead of the start of the 2022-23 season. Faulty screws might derail that plan, though.

ZSC Lions

According to Blick, faulty screws have been detected by a quality specialist just before Christmas, Constructions were put on hold but resumed on January 10. However, only in areas not affected by the problem.

The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology are currently examining the faulty screws and expect to be able to present their result by mid-March. For now, it is not clear how many of the screws will have to be replaced.

"We assume that the project can be completed on time. The construction sequences have been adjusted accordingly," Hans Klaus, a crisis communicator commissioned by the ZSC Lions and their general contractor HRS, tells Blick.

As a preventive measure, the ZSC Lions have, however, started to look for some free ice rinks in the city, the canton, and the entire area for autumn. As the KEK in Küsnacht will also be closed for an entire year as of March 2022, they need a lot of ice in order to ensure that all of their teams have a place to play come autumn.

( 08 February 2022 | mso )