National League

The 36-year-old forward, who recently obtained his Swiss citizenship, has activated the option in his contract and will thus play in Geneva for another season.

Genève-Servette HC

While he already told Les Puckalistes in January that he would activate his option, the deal had never officially been confirmed. "I am really happy to be able to stay at least one more season here in Geneva. I feel really good in this team and I want to do great things with them," Marc-Antoine Pouliot states.

According to Grégory Beaud (Blick), Genève-Servette HC is also no longer looking to add a fifth import player to their squad, as, due to Pouliot's citizenship change, they are now already able to deploy all five (now four and one Swiss Canadian) import players in one game.

( 01 March 2022 | mso )