National League

With EHC Kloten back in the National League, the Swiss League has in president Mike Schälchli another advocate in the upper house.

EHC Kloten

"If the National League plays with six imports and the Swiss League with two, then there has to be an adjustment," Kloten's president Mike Schälchli tells Blick when asked about the dispute between the two leagues over the terms of the future League Qualification.

As a reminder: the two leagues currently disagree about the number of import-players, which should be allowed in the League Qualification. So far, a compromise has not been found. The Swiss League teams might even be ready to boycott the League Qualification.

For Mike Schälchli, it is clear that this should be avoided: "A solution must be found so that ambitious clubs with the necessary infrastructure have a fair chance to be promoted," he argues.

Schälchli also has another idea to make Swiss hockey more attractive. He supports the reintroduction of the Swiss Cup to generate new fans: "I'm sure that the reactivation of the Cup, which could lead to a Final Four weekend, would further increase the external perception of ice hockey."

( 25 April 2022 | tme )