National League

As anticipated by Blick, Reinhard moves from the head coach position of the U20 squad to the assistant coach role within the main squad.

HCB Ticino Rockets

Alex Reinhard, together with Bobby Dollas, will assist John Fust behind the bench. "It's a great opportunity for me to be back with a professional team and I can't wait to get back into the game" comments Reinhard. For his part, Róbert Petrovický will go the other way and will coach the U20-Elit.

Whereas Cristobal Huet (goaltending coach) and Karel Svoboda (skills coach) continue being part of the coaching staff of Lausanne HC, the club announces another addition: Thomas Krauskopf is the new video coach, replacing Axel Canaguier. The German has previously worked for the German federation and for the Vienna Capitals Silver in the ICEHL.

( 11 June 2022 | lle* )