National League

EHC Visp and Valentin Pilet have agreed to dissolve their valid contract. The 23-year-old will play in the National League next season.

Valetin Pilet will no longer suit up for EHC Visp.
EHC Visp

Valentin Pilet extended his contract with EHC Visp a bit more than two months ago, but will now leave the club nevertheless. Although the club was reluctant at first to let him leave, they have now changed their mind.

Stefan Volken, Chairman of EHC Visp's board of directors, already confirmed to the Walliser Bote in April that there had been an inquiry from a team in the National League about Pilet.

For which National League team Valentin Pilet is going to play next season, the club does not say.

( 13 June 2022 | tme )