National League

From now on, the coaches from the U17 up to the second assistant coach of the National League team will switch their positions every year.

Sven Berger, for example, will be the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers' second assistant coach next season. After that, he will work as the head coach of the U20 for one season and then take on their U17 for one year until he returns as an assistant coach in the National League.

By rotating their coaches in the opposite direction of the progression of their youth players, it will be ensured that the youth players will be coached by a different head coach every year.

With this "Coaches Rotation", the Lakers' declared goal is to bring their own youth players up to the National League level. Moreover, they also want to give their youth coaches the chance to work as a possible assistant coach or maybe even as head coach of the Lakers in the future.

( 24 June 2022 | tme )