National League

As the team managers of Biel and Bern confirm to Klaus Zaugg, they would like to have Baumgartner on their team, but an agreement is far away.

Monika Majer / RvS.Media

As Klaus Zaugg (Watson) writes, the problem is Baumgartner's contract with Lausanne HC, which is valid for another three years. Apparently, EHC Biel or SC Bern are not willing to take over the contract. The 22-year-old Austrian forward would thus have to settle for a lower salary.

According to Zaugg's sources, apparently also HC Ambrì-Piotta is interested in Baumgartner. If they could afford him, is another question.

That Lausanne HC would like to get rid of the young Austrian is nothing new. Two months ago, Grégory Beaud (Blick) already reported that Lausanne has offered the 22-year-old forward to other teams. Last season, Baumgartner put up only 15 points (nine goals) in 52 games.

( 04 July 2022 | tme )