National League

In the past season, the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers earned CHF 813,000 more than they spent.

The Lakers say that the positive result is mainly due to the conscious handling of the available resources as well as to the success on the ice with four sold out home games in the playoffs against HC Davos.

With the surplus they have earned, the Lakers were able to amortize the loss of almost CHF 425,000 that they had carried forward from the previous year. In the end, they were able to carry forward a profit of almost CHF 394,000 to the next fiscal year.

Moreover, the Rosenstädter announce that two new members of the board have been elected: Tanja Zimmermann-Burgerstein and Guido Brühwiler, both local entrepreneurs which have been involved with the Lakers for many years. The rest of the board has been re-elected.

( 01 September 2022 | tme )