National League

The National League does not like how MySports has presented the highlights of the games so far. The broadcast partner promises to change.

"We are not happy with the way the highlights are presented at the moment," Denis Vaucher, CEO of the National League, tells the Tages-Anzeiger. "They are neither spectator nor fan-friendly in this form." Vaucher would like MySports to not only show one goal after another, but also other important scenes, such as fouls or penalties.

Matthias Krieb, head of MySports, says that they wanted to include more analysis and thus shorter highlights. "But we understand that getting started this way is difficult for free TV viewers who haven't seen the games before. So we will readjust in that area."

The game summaries will thus be produced in a format that audiences are more accustomed to. Also, MySports is planning to launch a new app in the coming weeks, which will also feature all the highlights.

( 24 October 2022 | tme*)