National League

While the six best teams of the National League will directly qualify for the playoffs, teams who finish the season between seventh and tenth place will have to fight for their spot in a different format.

According to the Tages-Anzeiger, the seventh and the eighth-placed team as well as the ninth and the tenth-placed team will have to play in a Best-of-2 series. The winner of the first matchup will clinch a playoff spot. The loser has another chance and will face the winner of the Best-of-2 series between the ninth and the tenth-placed team.

As for determining the winning team: If both teams win one game, the second game will go into overtime and will be played until a winning goal is scored. If the first game ends in a tie and the second is won by one team that team will clinch a playoff spot.

At today's assembly in Egerkingen, the board members also decided that after the international break, discussions of referees during a video review regarding a five-minute major penalty will also be shown. Up to now, those discussions were not disclosed to the viewers.

( 02 November 2022 | mso )