National League

The clubs and MySports have come to the decision to make some changes in regard to the postseason schedule come spring.

The eventualities have been removed from the schedule, meaning the playoff dates for the teams are fixed. The only remaining one involves the ZSC Lions and this would only need to be used if they make it to the playoff finals.

Moreover, each round will start at a fixed date. Rounds will no longer be moved up even if all series were to end 4-0. Also, game days in the quarterfinals and semifinals will only be split from Game 1 to Game 4. After that, the games will take place on the same day.

Also, games of each series in the quarterfinals and the semifinals will be available on Free TV (TV24/3+, Léman Bleu, TeleTicino). The National League and MySports will decide together which series will be available on which channel on which day.

( 24 November 2022 | mso )