National League

Asked by the Freiburger Nachrichten, where the negotiations about a new contract currently are, the 34-year-old says: "Nowhere".

"I hope there will be news from the club at some point," Andrei Bykov says. "I'm thinking about it a lot, but so far I haven't heard anything." So far this season, the forward has only managed to record three assists in 23 appearances.

Bykov probably has to get used to the situation of not knowing where he will play next season. "I'm not in a hurry," head coach Christian Dubé says to the Freiburger Nachrichten. "He works hard and exemplary, he's good in the box play – but aren't you better off with a young player for this role? I don't know."

For the 34-year-old Bykov one thing is clear: He is not yet ready to end his career, no matter if he receives a new contract in Fribourg. "If it continues like this, I have to see if other clubs are interested in me. If they don't want me here anymore, I don't want to force anything."

( 07 December 2022 | tme )