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The 44-year-old assistant coach of EV Zug does not know yet where his future lies, but he is keen on taking on more responsibility.

EV Zug

With his contract in Zug coming to an end next spring, Josh Holden will have to make a decision: Stay with the club or embark on a new adventure? "Everything is open," he says to the Zuger Zeitung. "My family and I feel comfortable here. I love working with Dan [Tangnes] and can't imagine a better teacher."

Nevertheless, Holden might also be ready to leave Switzerland next year: "Yes, that's a possibility, for example Germany or Austria," Holden explains. "I am absolutely ready and trust myself to take on more responsibility. I am having various conversations and will think carefully about the decision. I'd like to have clarity by the end of January."

( 22 December 2022 | tme )