National League

Of the two forwards, who are currently playing on loan in the Swiss League, only Dominik Binias seems to have a chance to return to Fribourg.

Dominik Binias' future in Fribourg also depends on Andrei Bykov's.
HC Thurgau

The contracts of Gaétan Jobin, 21, and Dominik Binias, 20, are going to expire at the end of the season. Asked by La Liberté if they will receive new contracts, head coach Christian Dubé says: "For Gaétan, I don't think so. Dominik, on the other hand, has a great offensive potential."

Only the case of Dominik Binias thus remains open in Fribourg. His fate, however, is linked to the fate of another: "It will also depend on the decision we will take for Andrei Bykov," Dubé explains.

This season so far, Binias has appeared in 17 games for HC Thurgau (five goals, one assist). Gaétan Jobin, for his part, has suited up 19 times with EHC Winterthur (two goals, three assists).

( 18 January 2023 | tme )