National League

With Magnus Nygren, Joseph Morrow, and Aaron Irving all gone, HCD's team manager Jan Alston is looking for a new import-defender.

"There are still some vacancies to fill on the team," Alston says when asked about his current tasks in an interview with Die Südostschweiz. "We still need a top import-defender and a top forward, that would be ideal."

In addition, there are also some question marks about a couple of Swiss players. Several contracts are expiring. But in these cases, Alston also wants the opinion of his new coach, Josh Holden. "He should have a say," he says to the same source.

On expiring contracts are forwards Jules Sturny and Gian-Marco Hammerer, defenders Claude-Curdin Paschoud, Denys Rubanyk, and Francesco Gärtner, as well as goalie Mathieu Croce. Tim Minder, for his part, has signed a one-year extension.

( 04 April 2023 | tme* )