National League

HC Ambrì-Piotta needs a partner to cover the cost of their farm team. They might have found one in the SCL Tigers.

Pascal Müller, team manager of the SCL Tigers, and Filippo Lombardi confirm to Klaus Zaugg (Watson) that they are in negotiations. They did, however, not reveal more.

Zaugg, however, writes that the two parties have come to an agreement: if their youth players will be able to play for the Rockets, they will contribute a six-figure sum to ensure the future of the Swiss League team.

The Rockets' president Davide Mottis, on the other hand, tells RSI that the two parties are in negotiations, but "there is nothing definite yet. The goal is to find a solution by the end of the week. We are working on the details and are confident that an understanding can be found for a partnership."

The HCB Ticino Rockets not only need money, but they will also need a new home, as Biasca will no longer be available to the team (the women's team will use the venue). The idea would be to relocate the team to Bellinzona, but that, too, is still in the works.

( 25 April 2023 | mso* )