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After a report last week suggested that Lausanne HC wanted to get rid of the 31-year-old forward, Pedretti now says that this was not the case.

Monika Majer / RvS.Media

Marco Pedretti confirms to Le Quotidien Jurassien that HC Ajoie had shown interest in him and made inquiries about his situation in Lausanne: "It's normal, Julien Vauclair is doing his job in a fairly dry market."

The report that he was unwanted in Lausanne, however, was news to the 31-year-old: "Nobody told me in Lausanne that they didn't want me anymore," Pedretti explains. "On the contrary, I got a message from the coach saying he was shocked by what he'd read. He says he's counting on me 100% and is looking forward to working with me."

After suffering a knee-injury at the end of the past season, Pedretti is good to go again: "I resumed training on May 1. I've been giving it my all since June," he says to Le Quotidien Jurassien.

( 13 July 2023 | tme* )