National League

With the new partnership, LHC wants to provide their players with more ice time. HCV Martigny, for their part, hope for a more competitive team.

As Lausanne HC writes in their press release, the club from the Valais is able to offer a wide range of playing options for their up-and-coming players. "It's an ideal situation for us," LHC's team manager John Fust says. "We'll be able to offer our players better prospects for ice time."

HC Valais-Chablais also sees an opportunity for their Swiss League team HCV Martigny, as co-team manager and assistant coach Daniele Marghitola explains: "On the one hand, this partnership gives us the opportunity to prove our commitment to player development and, on the other hand, to have a more competitive team."

( 13 July 2023 | tme* )