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According to the Tages-Anzeiger, the 26-year-old has committed to playing two seasons in Zurich before considering another move to the NHL.

Icon Sportswire / Vincent Ethier

On Tuesday, Malgin put his signature under a new contract with the ZSC Lions. The deal he already had in place before he left for the NHL would have kept him in Zurich until 2025, his new contract is valid until 2028.

He decided to return to Switzerland despite a couple of offers from NHL teams, the same source reports. But the offers were not good enough: "I played in the NHL for five years and proved what I can do," Malgin explains. "I scored a lot of goals for my ice time. I didn't want to sell myself short."

The Tages-Anzeiger estimates that with the ZSC Lions, Malgin will earn more than double of what he got in the NHL last season.

( 20 July 2023 | tme )