National League

The ZSC Lions will wait before signing a seventh import player, as Blick reports.

As the newspaper speculates, the Lions will likely wait until after the start of the NHL training camps in order to see whether some interesting options will arise from overseas.

As for the roster that is already known, there is a notable change: Jérôme Bachofner is currently not practicing with the National League team. Instead, he has been suiting up for the GCK Lions for the entire preseason.

"Neither Jérôme nor I are happy about it. But we don't want to make a snap decision. We want to see how things develop," Sven Helfenstein, Bachofner's agent, tells Blick.

As for the Lions' side of things, team manager Sven Leuenberger states that Bachofner is still dealing with a wrist injury and that they thought that he needed a bit more time: "Of course, Jéròme has the chance to return to us."

( 05 September 2023 | mso )