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As Filippo Lombardi tells Blick, HC Ambrì-Piotta is in a critical financial situation. However, it is not worse than it is (almost) always. Furthermore, EHC Kloten will probably have to cope without a single foreign player as of next season.

Photo: NAC / CC-BY-SA-3.0

HC Ambrì-Piotta's president Filippo Lombardi assures that "the situation is tense, but not worse than normally. We are able to make offers, but we do not need ten new players". However, Lombardi wants to stabilise the financial situation of the club.

This objective might be achieved with a reduction of the budget for the salary. With the reduction, the club would save CHF 1 million, according to Lombardi. "We want young and motivated players," he states. "I am tired of capital increases and fundraiser campaigns."

In other news, EHC Kloten's president Hans-Ueli Lehmann tells Blick that the club records a loss of CHF 1.5 million. The club calculated that they would earn more income from spectators, which was not the case. "Perhaps, we will have to play without import players [next season]," Lehmann told the newspaper.

Last Update: 16 February 2017, 09:32 AM | mfa