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The HCB Ticino Rockets presented themselves to the press this Wednesday, unveiling news, challenges, and ambitions regarding the upcoming seasons.

HCB Ticino Rockets

"This is for us the most important and difficult season, because it is the one that will close a cycle of three years, considered as a test both from our point of view and the one of the league," president Davide Mottis explained (reported by HeShootsHeScoores). "We have shown that we can carry on an important job for hockey in the Ticino, so we have been working for months to plan the future."

With the arrival of 37-year-old Sebastien Reuille, who signed a two-way contract with HC Lugano in mid-May and took over the Rockets' Head of Sport and Management duties, the club aims to give itself more solidity. Furthermore, the Rockets' leadership has come to the conclusion that players who come from the youth sectors of Ambrì-Piotta and Lugano are not sufficient to guarantee such a level that would prepare the club for the future. Thanks to the new partnership with HC Davos, the internal competition is expected to be further increased.

«Our goal is to create a team ready as of the 2019-20 season, which is able to take up the challenge of avoiding relegation.»
Jan Cadieux, Rockets' head coach

The three-year agreement between the HCB Ticino Rockets and the two National League clubs, HC Ambrì-Piotta and HC Lugano, will expire at the end of the 2018-19 season and therefore has to be renewed. "The two clubs are already in contact with us to renew their commitment for the future," Mottis reassured.

At the financial level, the Rockets managed to record a small profit of CHF 9,580.- for the 2017-18 season. In the previous year, they had to accept a net loss of about CHF 67,000.- mainly due to necessary work on their arena in Biasca. For the 2018-19 season, the club will have a budget of CHF 1,55 million (CHF 45,000.- received each from HCAP and HCL).

Regarding the team's roster for the upcoming term, it will include Samuele Guidotti after all. Without a new contract in his pocket, the 22-year-old forward has been practicing with the Rockets since the beginning of August and was on an unsuccessful tryout with EHC Kloten most recently.

"Our goal is to create a team ready as of the 2019-20 season, which is able to take up the challenge of avoiding relegation," head coach Jan Cadieux explained. "That's why we want to create a strong identity, starting with a more important internal competition. Everyone has to give 110% for Biasca, we don't want to be a squad of passing players. We want to make all those proud who believe in us."

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