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Due to problems with his license, Olten has cope without Kparghai until the playoffs. And: They are still looking for a third import-player.

Clarence Kparghai's documents got lost.
HCB Ticino Rockets

According to the Oltner Tagblatt, the necessary documents for Kparghai's transfer somehow got lost on the way from Olten to the federation. As a consequence, the Mice did not receive a license for the 33-year-old defenseman, as the club has confirmed.

But not to worry: Because Kparghai currently has his license with the HCB Ticino Rockets - a team which is going to miss the Swiss League playoffs - there will be another 24-hour-window to handle his transfer after the final round of the regular season.

There is also the possibility that there will be another import player at the Kleinholz for the playoffs. Still according to the Oltner Tagblatt, EHCO's team manager Marc Grieder has not yet given up and is still looking for a suitable solution on the market.

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