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Contrary to what was reported this morning, the Canadian forward will not strengthen EHC Kloten for the postseason.

Jared Gomes will not play for EHC Kloten

In the course of the transfer talks, the two team manager received information from the SIHF regarding the handling of the transfer. Although the agreement was already signed one week ago, the SIHF informed them that the necessary forms had to be submitted only today.

However, on Monday afternoon, the SIHF announced that it would not be able to allow the transfer due to incorrect information on its part, as the regulations and directives of Swiss Ice Hockey stipulate, contrary to the original information, that all transfers of foreign players must be formally processed by February 15 at midnight at the latest. Therefore, Jared Gomes is not allowed to join EHC Kloten.

"The incident, as well as the SIHF's mistake in this matter, is very annoying. Mistakes can always happen, but an incident with this consequence, it is serious. The EHC Kloten lacks an important addition in the playoffs and our partner club EHC Winterthur important income. Despite everything, the focus for the EHC Kloten is now on the first playoff game on Friday", says Pascal Signer, CEO of the EHC Kloten.

Last Update: 18 February 2019, 05:47 PM | lle
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