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As team manager Felix Hollenstein tells the Tages-Anzeiger, they are currently looking at the market.

Felix Hollenstein busy building the 2019-20 team
Remo Max Schindler /

After a 6-0 loss in the playoff series against SC Langenthal, EHC Kloten had decided to put their coach André Rötheli on leave. Kloten still went on to lose the series. Now, they are searching for a replacement.

"We will probably have a look at the market for a few more days or weeks - in Switzerland and abroad," Hollenstein tells the newspaper. They have already been contacted by some candidates.

As for their 2019-20 roster, Hollenstein is looking for two import players who will bring "power, speed and leadership" to the team. He also wants to add one or two "young players" to the roster.

( 06 March 2019 | mso* )
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