Swiss League

The 22-year-old has to retire from competitive sport due to health reasons.

Colin Schleiss will not play anymore at a professional level.
EVZ Academy

Colin Schleiss, who learned to play hockey in Zug and played there at the different stages in the junior teams, appeared in only four Swiss League games this season. Overall, the forward played 91 games in the second tier of Swiss hockey over the course of his short career, all with the EVZ Academy, scoring six goals and collecting ten assists.

The EVZ Academy also announced their roster for the 2019-20 season. However, they have yet to make a decision as to who will fill the import player spots. There is also a chance that they might invite some players to a tryout.

EVZ Academy, Roster 2019-20 (as of April 26, 2019)

Goaltenders: Luca Hollenstein (2019-2020), Robin Meyer (2020-2021),
Gianluca Zaetta (2019-2020)

Defensemen: Riccardo Auriemma (2019-20), Yannick Brunner (2019-20), Luca Capaul (2019-20), Nico Graf (2020-2021), Jeremy Minder (2019-20), Mick Schüpbach (2019-20), Yanick Stampfli (2019-20), Dario Wüthrich (2020-21).

Forwards: Jordann Bougro (2019-20), Lukas Bach (2019-20), Gianluca Barbei (2019-20), Luca DeNisco (2019-20), Andreas Döpfner (2019-20), David Eugster (2019-20), Livio Langenegger (2019-20), Thomas Lust (2019-20), Cyril Oehen (2019-20), Calvin Schleiss (2019-20), Robin Schwab (2020-21), Dean Schwenninger (2020-21), Yves Stoffel (2021-22), Dominik Volejnicek (2019-20), Luca Wyss (2020-21)

Departures: Sandro Aeschlimann, Janis Elsener, Tobias Fohrler, Cédric Maurer, Victor Oejdemark, Livio Stadler, Fabian Haberstich, Fabio Kläy, Fabian Steinmann, Michael Rudolf, Sven Leuenberger, Kelvin Walz, Jérôme Lanz, Marco Cavalleri.

( 26 April 2019 | lle/mso )