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The current president will leave his position at the end of the upcoming season and his replacement will be decided today.

Alain Dubois wants to finish his presidency with the title.

Alain Dubois is president of HC La Chaux-de-Fonds since 2015. The 48-year-old entrepreneur and his colleagues on the Board of Directors are preparing a smooth transfer of power since a current member of the Board is expected to take over next year.

"I can no longer give HCC enough time to perform my duties properly," says Alain Dubois. "Our club, in its current organization, needs more committed leaders and I can't do it at all anymore."
For the personal and, above all, professional reasons, Alain Dubois is more and more often called upon to travel abroad. "I have diversified a lot my activities and I am almost always on the road," he confirms. "When we had a Managing Director (between 2015 and 2018), I was able to fulfill my role with difficulty. Now that we no longer have a real manager and that we have decided to invest more resources in sport - a policy with which I agree - as leaders we must become more involved in the management and life of the club. As I am unable to fulfill this mission, I have decided to give up my place." From now on, he intends to prepare his succession harmoniously. "I want to accompany the person who will replace me during my last mandate," explains this leader.

«Our club, in its current organization, needs more committed leaders and I can't do it at all anymore»
Alain Dubois

Nevertheless, the announced mandate is not a failure. "I hadn't set myself a precise duration in this function," he says. "I would have liked to have invested myself beforehand in terms of personal commitment. I especially wanted to be president until the club's 100th anniversary. I succeeded and I'm glad it came to this."

On the sporting side, as the dry defeat in the final against Langenthal (0-4) remains in his way, Dubois hopes to finish his presidency on a better note on the ice. "We can always do better and I want the title," he says. "I know it's difficult, but you have to try it all the way."

( 27 June 2019 | lle )

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