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In both a financial and sportive way, the past season has been "one of the best in the past 21 years," HCT's president Hansjörg Stahel says.

HCT will present a six-figure profit at tonight's general assembly.

"Surely, it was a season for the history books," Stahel states in an interview with the Thurgauer Zeitung, ahead of tonight's general assembly. Because they entered the semifinals of the Swiss League playoffs last season, Stahel will be able to present a profit in the six figures, which they have achieved "clearly".

«Surely, it was a season for the history books.»
Hansjörg Stahel

"Only from the increased spectator average in the qualification it was clear that we will have a good season financially," Stahel says to the same source. Apart from the ticket sales, they were also able to increase their income from the catering business by another 45 per cent last season.

The positive numbers also have an effect on the upcoming season. "We have slightly increased the budget for the Swiss League team," Stahel says. "I'm convinced that we are significantly better than last year, that we will get much more quality for little money."

( 25 July 2019 | tme*ech )
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