Swiss League

SCL's captain has signed a three-year contract extension and will thus stay on board at least until 2023.

Captain Stefan Tschannen remains in Langenthal.
SC Langenthal

Stefan Tschannen has been part of SC Langenthal since 2010 and is currently in his tenth season with them. Now it is clear: three more are to come. "He has been the undisputed leader of this team," SCL's team manager Kevin Schläpfer says. "I can't imagine a better role model for our young players."

With a total of 613 games for SC Langenthal, Stefan Tschannen holds the all-time record on the team. This season, he has put up one point per game so far (ten goals, 13 assists) and thus ranks third on SCL's team in terms of points.

( 10 December 2019 | tme*ech)

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