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Michel Zeiter once brought the Zielbau AG on board as a sponsor. But their contract expires at the end of the season.

EHCW's Zielbau Arena.

Urs Möckli, CEO of the Zielbau AG, and Michel Zeiter have been friends for a while when Zeiter took over as head coach of EHC Winterthur and Möckli agreed to invest CHF 110'000.- per year in the naming rights for Winterthur's arena, formerly known as Eishalle Deutweg.

Asked by Der Landbote if he will remain Winterthur's second most-important sponsor after the dismissal of Michel Zeiter, Urs Möckli did not want to go into that question just yet. He has to decide until the end of April if he wants to stay on board. But Möckli says that his commitment does not solely depend on Michel Zeiter.

( 11 December 2019 | tme* )
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