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Michel Zeiter's former assistant coach receives a promotion and will take over EHC Winterthur until the end of the season.

Misko Antisin takes the wheel in Winterthur.
EHC Winterthur

"Misko Antisin will remain on board," EHCW's chairman of the board of directors said in yesterday's edition of Der Landbote. Now it is clear: Antisin will not only stay on board, he will take the wheel as well. The 55-year-old will coach Winterthur at least until spring 2020.

The decision to set their trust in Antisin has been made after several talks within the board of directors, as well as with Misko Antisin and the team.

EHC Winterthur sits currently in eleventh place in the Swiss League, with a deficit of 15 points to the playoff ranks. First and foremost, Antisin's job will thus be to prevent Winterthur from being relegated.

( 11 December 2019 | tme* )
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